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europe Gambling is like a sport in America and even if many people think that this is an US original brand… it isn’t. The Europeans are the ones responsible for the invention of gambling. In the spas of Germany there were several French resorts that gave birth to gambling a long time ago, but the official validation came only in the 1930s.

The first legal casino system was first legalized in some European countries and today this phenomenon spread all over the world, the gambling falling now under the control of the government in each country. The casinos all over Europe are now famous for their glamour and their huge success and popularity. Let’s use Monaco as an example. This is an amazing French island that became well-known all over the globe thanks to its casinos.

Even if there’s a general belief that the best European casinos are in West, that’s not true. A few of the best casinos in the world are actually located in the East. The Eastern European casinos are a pure source of good quality entertainment and their number is increasing all the time. Right now, the Russian Federation counts over 160 casinos.

Another very popular activity all over the Eastern Europe is betting. People are betting all the time on things like lottery, races, tennis, cricket, soccer and horseracing. Apparently the Europeans love to play with their luck and that’s why they gamble and bet on large amounts of money.

Gambling is fun but I guess that everyone has some limits. The fun ends when you can no longer control your passion and you risk losing your mind together with your car, your house and your friends. But hey… let’s get back to the bright side. The casinos are fun and bright and you can go there for a weekend with your friends and have tones of fun!

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